Famous Quotes for Writers


When I'm researching topics to write about, I often come across famous quotes that inspire me or make me laugh. Some are about the topics I write about, like travel or health. Others others just make you think more clearly about ... [ Read More ]

Trail Fix for Dogs

Trail Fix

One of my favorite things in life is hiking with my dog (pictured above) -- in the mountains, in the desert, in the snow, on the beach. Maybe you do, too. But did you ever wonder what you wold do if your dog got hurt on the trail? ... [ Read More ]

You Snooze, You Win


Is there any real science behind the myth of beauty sleep? More and more experts say yes. Scientific studies haven’t looked at how sleep affects appearance directly—for example, the way the lack of it impacts skin renewal—but we ... [ Read More ]

Eat Smart At Parties

healthy party food

Parties should be fun, even when you’re watching your weight. But it’s easy to blow your eating plan when endless buffet tables and party trays tempt you at every turn. “Parties and social events can be more of a challenge to ... [ Read More ]

Should you Ban your Teflon Pan?


We love our Teflon coated pans for their nonstick convenience. The problem is their coated with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) which in older pans can disintegrate into your food or gas off into the air around you. The ... [ Read More ]

What to Eat to Finish the Race

running woman

The beauty of running your first 5k race is that it's short enough for the average person to prepare for, and long enough to give you a sense of accomplishment. No matter what your natural running ability, most people can train ... [ Read More ]

Cravings? Why You Can’t Get Enough


Ever obsess over a crisp stalk of broccoli? Not likely. Sure, you may actually enjoy eating this goodie-goodie vegetable, but it will never seduce you like your favorite bad guys: thick, hot fudge over cool vanilla ice-cream; the ... [ Read More ]

Eating For Energy: How to Fuel Up


Drop that candy bar and fuel up to maintain your energy. Do you start the day feeling fatigued? Do you hit an afternoon energy slump that makes you want to take a nap under your desk? Or do you come home so exhausted you can't ... [ Read More ]

Green Thumb: Grow Your Eco Garden

eco gardening

Cultivating a garden is a delight to many, whether it's outdoors or on your windowsill. What you don't want? Too much time spent breathing in chemical fertilizers and pesticides. If given a choice, why not choose the less toxic ... [ Read More ]

Get Rid of Pests The Natural Way

natural pest control

You want the bugs to go, but you want to stay away from toxic pesticides, too. What do you do? This is the time of year when house and garden pests are pestier than ever. Here's how to manage them without harming yourself, your ... [ Read More ]

We’re Not Bitter (about eating Greens)


Why some people won't eat greens Sure, we know veggies are good for us--they defend against cancer, heart disease, and a host of other ills. But around 75 percent of people say broccoli and spinach just don't pass their taste bud ... [ Read More ]