Cravings? Why You Can’t Get Enough


Ever obsess over a crisp stalk of broccoli? Not likely. Sure, you may actually enjoy eating this goodie-goodie vegetable, but it will never seduce you like your favorite bad guys: thick, hot ... [ Read More ]

What to Eat to Finish the Race

running woman

The beauty of running your first 5k race is that it's short enough for the average person to prepare for, and long enough to give you a sense of accomplishment. No matter what your natural running ... [ Read More ]

Eat Smart At Parties

healthy party food

Parties should be fun, even when you’re watching your weight. But it’s easy to blow your eating plan when endless buffet tables and party trays tempt you at every turn. “Parties and social events ... [ Read More ]

Getting Healthy Together


Getting healthy together: we found three families who made lifestyle changes for the sake of one member and discovered that everyone in the house had a lot to gain. We're connected to our families by ... [ Read More ]

The Path To Endurance


There's more to building stamina than increasing your time on the treadmill. Find out how your endurance affects your overall health. Jim Vranas isn’t the kind of guy who just sits around. The ... [ Read More ]

Eating For Energy: How to Fuel Up


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You Snooze, You Win


Is there any real science behind the myth of beauty sleep? More and more experts say yes. Scientific studies haven’t looked at how sleep affects appearance directly—for example, the way the lack of it ... [ Read More ]

Tired? Try Some Sushi

sushi and health

Four steps to help prevent thyroid-gland disorder. A common thyroid-gland disorder can pile on pounds, sap your energy, and leave you achy, bloated, and moody-all at once. The problem: ... [ Read More ]

How to Help a Sleepwalking Child

Help a sleepwalking child

If your child is a sleepwalker, you may be wondering what causes it. Sleepwalking usually begins during the preschool years, continues through elementary school, and is mostly outgrown by adolescence. ... [ Read More ]

Getting Started with Kettlebells


Kettlebells: A 300-year-old Russian exercise is the hottest thing in 21st Century Who wouldn’t want better body tone, greater flexibility and more control? That’s why we love Pilates. Throw in even ... [ Read More ]