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Lost In Translation

In Leaves of Grass Walt Whitman wrote, “I sing the body electric,” and he was right about one thing: The body’s electrical messages to the brain-not the brain itself-color our world. But what if your body’s messages misfire, as they do in children … [Read More...]


Thinking Green

Now that you're expecting, your immediate environment is more important than ever. Here's how to steer clear of potentially harmful substances and make your space a healthier place. From the moment you find out you're pregnant, your desire to keep … [Read More...]


You Snooze, You Win

By Kathy Summers, publisher of Savvy Cities [First published in Health Magazine] Is there any real science behind the myth of beauty sleep? More and more experts say yes. Scientific studies haven’t looked at how sleep affects appearance directly—for … [Read More...]


White Coat Hypertension

[Reader's Digest Magazine] If you're so nervous during a medical checkup that your blood pressure skyrockets, you may have what's known as white-coat hypertension. That means your blood pressure may only be high temporarily when your doctor tests … [Read More...]

family health

Family Health Habits

[Natural Health Magazine]Bad habits -- like skipping breakfast, not sleeping enough, not talking to each other, or watching TV nonstop -- can affect the whole family. But better choices are habit forming, too. Here's how to make positive changes that … [Read More...]


Depression In Men

If the holiday season has you singing the blues, you’re not alone. But if the feeling persists for more than a couple weeks, what seems like a down mood may be a sign of depression. The symptoms are not always obvious, and real depression is not … [Read More...]

online health

Internet Health Sources: Who to Trust

By Kathy Summers, publisher of the hospitality website [American Legion Magazine] Like most people, you probably search for health information on the Internet. Perhaps you’ve looked for details about a particular symptom or treatment … [Read More...]

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Eating For Energy

Drop that candy bar and fuel up to maintain your energy by Kathy Summers, @ Do you start the day feeling fatigued? Do you hit an afternoon energy slump that makes you want to take a … [Read More...]


Constant Cravings

By Kathy Summers, editor of Savvy Cities Ever obsess over a crisp stalk of broccoli? Not likely. Sure, you may actually enjoy eating this goodie-goodie vegetable, but it will never seduce you like … [Read More...]

party food

Eat Smart At Parties

By Kathy Summers, @ Parties should be fun, even when you’re watching your weight. But it’s easy to blow your eating plan when endless buffet tables and party trays tempt you at every … [Read More...]


Is Your Diet Stressing You Out?

Written by Kathy Summers @ SavvyCities When you’re under stress, the last thing you want to worry about is nutrition. If you’re like most people, what you want is comfort food, the kind Mom used to … [Read More...]


Pick Your Protein Powder

A popular nutritional supplement among fitness-minded people, protein powders come in many formulations. Here’s how to decide which ones are likely to suit you best. Protein powders are one of the … [Read More...]

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Running Start

What to eat to finish the race by Kathy Summers @ The beauty of running your first 5k race is that it's short enough for the average person to prepare for, and long enough to give … [Read More...]


The Path To Endurance

By Kathy Summers, publisher of hospitality website There's more to building stamina than increasing your time on the treadmill. Find out how your endurance affects your overall … [Read More...]


Interval Training Tips and Tricks

By Kathy Summers, owner of Ready to kick your workout up a notch? Fitness trainers and coaches have used interval training for years, and the exercise method has never been more … [Read More...]


Stay Trim While You Travel

By Kathy Summers, publisher of Summer vacation can send your regular fitness routine off the deep end. But a good workout is still possible, even when you're away from home. Follow … [Read More...]


Sexy Summer Abs

By Kathy Summers, publisher of Forget endless crunches. Try this 4-minute  instead Toning your abs doesn't have to be tedious. To get two-piece ready, all you need is four minutes of … [Read More...]

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