Health Writing Tips

How to get started writing for a living, whether you want to write about health, nutrition, fitness, the environment, for magazines, blogs, and books.

Famous Quotes for Writers


When I'm researching topics to write about, I often come across famous quotes that inspire me or make me laugh. Some are about the topics I write about, like travel or health. Others others just make you think more clearly about ... [ Read More ]

Should you Write a Health Book?

write a health book

Want to write a book? Join the club. Surveys say more than 80 percent of people want to write be published authors. The reasons are many and varied. You may just want to share what you know about a particular health, fitness, or ... [ Read More ]

Can you make a Living Writing about Health?


Can you make a living writing about health? That all depends. People who specialize in health writing make anywhere from very little to well over six figures. Why would someone write about health for low pay? People do it all ... [ Read More ]

How to be an Environmental Writer

environmental writing

Environmental health is still a hot topic in magazines and newspapers, not to mention websites and blogs (and commercial writing opportunities abound, but that's another story). The fairly recent surge in popularity has publishers ... [ Read More ]

Health Writer Hint #1: Start where you are

MAGAZINE HEALTH WRITING BASIC 12 - part 1 No matter what your previous experience, you can use it to begin a new career in health writing for magazines, websites, books, and/or custom publications. Do you have medical ... [ Read More ]

Health Writer Hint #2: Network with writers

MAGAZINE HEALTH WRITING BASIC 12 part - 2 Even before you snag your first health writing assignment, it helps to hang around on writers forums, subscribe to writers' blogs, and read books recently written by established working ... [ Read More ]

Health Writer Hint #3 Master your markets

MAGAZINE HEALTH WRITING BASIC 12  - part 3 Editors want to work with writers who get them and know why their publication is unique. If you think they're all the same, look again. Whether you’re pitching an article idea or ... [ Read More ]

Health Writer Hint #4 Write a killer query

MAGAZINE HEALTH WRITING BASIC 12 part - 4 Some people think they should just write their articles and send them out to publications who will say, "thank you very much," and send a big check. That isn't the way it usually ... [ Read More ]

Health Writer Hint #5 Don’t lose heart

MAGAZINE HEALTH WRITING BASIC 12 part - 5 Hear the phone not ringing? Hear your email not pinging? You hear nothing but crickets, you say?  Don't lose heart; those are just the friendly freelance fairies whispering in your ear ... [ Read More ]

Health Writer Hint #6 Land your first gig

MAGAZINE HEALTH WRITING BASIC 12 part - 6 So you've found your starting point, networked with other writers to get the lay of the land, identified possible markets, developed article ideas, crafted killer queries, and emailed ... [ Read More ]

Health Writer Hint #7 Report responsibly

MAGAZINE HEALTH WRITING BASIC 12 part - 7 You've landed a plum writing assignment on a great health, fitness, nutrition or environmental health topic: Woo hoo! Now what? Let me take a moment to refer back to Hint #1 Start ... [ Read More ]