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About Us

Welcome to, your resource for keeping your finger on the pulse of the health, fitness and supplement industry. We cover a wide range of products and will always provide, detailed, in-depth, honest reviews. Our content is backed by scientific research and we will always list our sources.

Unlike the majority of other supplement review websites, we actually buy, use and extensively test ALL of the products which are on our website.

Along with providing these reviews, we write supporting blog posts which go into much more detail about the ingredients and techniques we mention in our reviews, so you can research further into any of the topics we discuss. Without further adieu, let me introduce our writers. Our writers are all qualified and are passionate about health and fitness.

Meet The Team

Steve Theunissen

Certified Personal Trainer

David Gails

Biohacker Nutritionist

If you are looking to join our expanding team, please see our careers page to see which jobs are currently available. We will always try and hire our readers first before posting on job sites. To get in contact with us, please visit our contact page and we will direct you to the relevant department.

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