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Namu Unix

Hello, my name is Namu Unix and I am qualified fitness coach, I help other people to lose weight and get fitter. How did this happen? I’ve always loved sports like football, basketball, handball, fitness or surfing, but I never paid attention to my diet. I was clearly overweight. About 2 years ago I decided to finally do something about it.

So I started to spend all of my time researching and doing HIIT workout, fitness and nutrition and I lost about 10 kilograms.

Since then I feel fitter. My body is more defined and I have much more energy in everyday life. Since I have reached my goal, I want to help other people to reach their goals. Because of this I create fitness videos of myself where I show people what I train and how to train.

My tutorials tell people why it is important to pay attention to nutrition. You’ve always wanted to do something with your body? You feel uncomfortable and finally want to do something about it?

Then do it now. Now is the time for you to do something about it. “Make it easy for once! And look how you are in three months. You will be surprised if you look at yourself in the mirror! Because exactly like that, it was with me also 😉 Have fun doing sports!

Nanu Unix Bio

"What motivates me about fitness is helping other people!"

Nanu Unix

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